Fudge bars


With your own logo in full colour at no extra cost!  CLICK HERE

Own label bar or sleeve range available with your logo in full colour at no extra cost!

Current range   Coconut Ice    Chocolate    Vanilla    Clotted Cream    Coffee   
Ginger    Rum & Raisin    Butter & Honey    Cherry   Caramel & Sea Salt  

Own label bar range packed in counter display units of 20 x 150g bars.

Available in PRE-CUT SLABS

Individually wrapped slabs, precut into squares ready for you to weigh out for your customers. Four slabs in each box, approximately 77 squares per slab. CLICK HERE

fudge sleeves fudge sleeves

Boynes Limited,  17/18 Vastre, Kerry Rd,  Newtown  SY16 1DZ.   
T: 01686 625 794    E: [email protected]    F: 01686 62 33 55   www.boynes.co.uk

Boynes offer a range of confectionery, made with care using only natural ingredients with no artificial colours or flavours.

Established 1919